I love movies. No, really, I do. But here’s the thing: I love books more. Much, much more. So I opt for reading every. Single. Time.

But movie dates are something my husband and I do, especially now that the theater that’s close has seats that accommodate his longer legs; they’ve made going to the movie theater as comfortable as sitting in my living room. (Well, minus the fuzzy blankets and snuggly kids, but I forgive them that.)

I don’t often review movies, in part because I have no patience for badly done movies. And I don’t care to watch the non-good ones and write about them. Sometimes I don’t even care to write about the good ones…I just like them; I don’t necessarily analyze them.

(OK, maybe I’m just lazy.)

So when I was asked to watch an advance copy of Old Fashioned, I hesitated. I was curious, but I still hesitated. For one thing, I live in a cornfield. Streaming the movie took me all. Night. Long. (No exaggeration.)

But it was SOOOOOOO worth it.

My review is up at the Register. Bottom line: movie worth seeing.

In our parlance, this is a chick flick. My husband would watch it if I asked him to, but he would be enduring it. This is the kind of movie I would watch with my best friend or with my daughters, not with my guy.

I tend to not really be a chick flick kinda girl. We watch a lot of superhero stuff and John Wayne around here. And I’m okay with that.

This, though, is maybe a different kind of superhero movie. I look at my husband, who I’ve called Prince Charming from day one, as a superhero. (No cape, though, NO CAPE.) And I want my kids to see our marriage as heroic, as worth striving for, as

So maybe this is a superhero movie…and maybe we need more of it.

Did I say maybe? Scratch that. We DEFINITELY need more of it!