Today we continue Ellen Gable Hrkach’s series of guest posts on the rosary. Read more about Ellen in my introduction or at her blog.

“The holy Rosary is a powerful weapon. Use it with confidence and you’ll be amazed at the results.”

– St. Josemaria Escriva

Although I grew up in a Catholic family, I learned how to say the rosary at school. My father often said the rosary in private, but we never recited the rosary as a family and I rarely said the rosary on my own before the age of 11.  One evening, however, my parents were involved in a violent argument.  It was my first experience at being “amazed at the results” of the powerful weapon of the holy rosary. The following is an excerpt from my novel, Emily’s Hope. It’s based on actual events and is a true illustration of Our Lady’s powerful intercession.

I listen as my parents are fighting again, fighting over bills they can’t pay.  Each time my mom yells, my dad yells louder.  Dad starts to throw things, not at Mom, just throwing things.  I’m scared.   It makes me feel anxious to see the two people I love most in the world screaming at each other.  Don’t they love each other, I ask myself.  Why won’t they stop yelling?

Dad just said something about moving out.  Oh, God, please, I don’t want my dad to move out.  Mom says good.  Oh, please, Mom, don’t say that.   I look at both of them but they don’t seem to see me or the panic in my eyes.  They only glare at each other.

Dad goes upstairs.  I run after him and watch as he gets a suitcase out and starts putting clothes in it.

God, why won’t you stop him?  I pass by my bedroom and notice my rosary sitting on the bedside table.  I grab it, sit down on my bed, and begin saying the rosary.  As I say each Hail Mary, I plead with Our Lady, “Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.”  Please, Our Lady, don’t let my Dad walk out.

As I’m saying another Hail Mary, Dad walks by my room and doesn’t notice that I’m even there.  He stomps down the steps.  I can’t hear if he says bye, but I hear the door slam shut.

“Oh, God, please, make him come back.”  I continue saying the rosary, each Hail Mary becoming more fervent than the last.  I pray until my heart is bursting.  Please, God, listen to my prayer.

I begin saying the Hail Holy Queen prayer and suddenly, I hear the door open downstairs.  Without finishing, I stand at the top of the stairs and I see that my dad is standing at the doorway.  Mom walks over to him.  At first, they’re silent.

Then, my dad starts to cry.  “I can’t leave you.  I can’t leave my family.”  He and Mom embrace.

I begin to cry.  Thank you, God, and thank you, Our Lady, for bringing my daddy back.

My parents remained married until my father’s death eight years later. He was buried with his rosary in his hands.

Copyright 2010 Ellen Gable Hrkach