Grab a cup of tea. I’d say wine, for a toast, but, well, let’s just go for tea, shall we?

A year ago, this space did not exist. “just another day of Catholic pondering” was not a dot on a screen.

But I can’t put off my Announcement any longer. Nope. Because, though we’re all new friends here, we’re dear friends.

We just found out, last Saturday, that Baby2 is on the way. We go to the midwives on Thursday for the “official word.” So, now that you’re in on our special news, I’m giving you the special responsibility that comes with it.

Pray for us. 🙂

And thanks. (There’s so much more to that thanks, but it’s going to have to wait. Hubby just got home from school, and it’s time for our Special Time (which involves Idol, oh yes), so I must turn off the laptop…)