My first exposure to Mark Hart was when our youth ministry and director of religious education (who I’ll just call “Kelly” for short) started talking about him a few years ago. I first saw Mark Hart in action last year during our summer Confirmation Boot Camp (which I co-teach), when Kelly used one of his videos as part of the lesson.

About two months ago, on Lauren Gulde’s advice, I started listening to the Sunday, Sunday, Sunday podcast, which is hosted by none other than Mark Hart.

But I’ve still been under a bit of a rock, I’ll admit it.

Consider the rock gone now and consider this an alert to the world that I am now an Official Mark Hart Fangirl, all thanks to this:


It’s the Encounter, a middle school Bible study with, you guessed it, Mark Hart. Here’s the synopsis:

Encounter is more than a Bible study program. It is a life-changing experience that speaks directly to the hearts and minds of middle-school-aged kids. Designed specifically for sixth to eighth graders, Encounter uses the color-coded Bible Timeline learning system to reveal the story of our Faith and God’s plan for our lives. As your students are drawn into this story, they will come to a new and profound understanding of who God is. Most importantly, they will see God not as a distant doctrinal concept, but as a loving Father who desires a meaningful and lasting encounter with them.

Now, before you go all googly-eyed and think that I just haven’t had enough coffee, I thought the description was over-the-top. I thought it might be, well, a tad bit of “marketing language” taken to the extreme.

And then I watched it.

The rest of my (rave) review is over at