Here’s a sampling of a recent interview I did with Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and the new site. You can find the rest of it at, along with a special free ebook offer.

What’s the greatest hurdle, or hurdles, you have faced and continue to face?

The greatest hurdle I face is having enough time to do all the great things I want to do. I carry my journal with me everywhere and I also journal on the computer. I document all the stuff I want to do. I have enough stuff in my thought-escrow for 100 lifetimes.

I my goal is to get a million kids in America to graduate from, but that’s just one of the many, many things I have yet to do.

I want to go speak in every one of the 228 countries. I’ve done talks in 78 of them so far.

I want to climb all the best mountains. I’ve already climbed Machu Picchu in Peru, Kilimanjaro in Africa, Mt. Fuji in Japan and Mt. Whitney in the United States.

So there’s just a plethora of stuff that I want to do but all I need is time. I figured out how to compress my time and do more with less. I model my life after people I really admire like my friend, Richard Branson of Virgin Enterprises. He runs 300 companies and yet he still has time to kite glide.

In all of your various commitments, what is your greatest challenge? How do you face and conquer that challenge?

The greatest challenge is always conquering your own fears and doubts about being good enough, strong enough, smart enough and having enough money to carry out your dreams.

With me, it’s always an inside-out job. Conquering those fears and doubts is always paramount. This is why I suggest you write on a 3 x 5 card, “I’m so happy doing what I am doing.” Be very, very specific as to the date, time, and the cost to reach your goal. You will be amazed at how quickly your goals can become a reality.

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