From Grandma Gloria, who has recorded gems like this before, an email worth preserving for all time:

Great Grandpa, “Well hi there little chick! What have you been up to?”

Babs: “I been playin on my trampoline, it is blue.”

G.G. “I had a tamborine when I was a little boy too and I knew a story about Little Boy Blue.”

Elizabeth: “Tell me it.”

G.G. “How is your little brother?”

: “I don’t haf a brother!”

I explain to him: “Elizabeth has a baby sister, Grandpa.”

G. G. “Well then, what is your baby sister’s name?”

Elizabeth: “I told you before.”

G. G. “Sure, I will hold you, climb right up here on my lap.”

I explain to Elizabeth: “Great Grandpa is very old and his ears can’t hear very well. We have to talk loud.”

She climbs up on his lap and tells him, in a very exact, and appropriately loud voice, “Why are your ears old?”

G. G. responds, “Well honey, I am almost 91 years old!”

She then became bored with that whole conversation and suddenly shared with us the revelation that girls sit down to go potty and boys stand up!
Sarah, I am still laughing and would not trade this stuff for all the high powered careers in the world! Just had to share this before it got away from me!

Grandma Glo sent me this email a week ago. Since then, Great Grandpa, her father, has been hospitalized. It’s unlikely he’s going to go home, and they’re on the waiting list for the nursing home. Will you join us as we pray for him, for Gloria and for the family as they make this very difficult journey through the end stages of a dear member’s life? Great-Grandpa won’t live forever, and he might not, in fact, live much longer, but we are so very blessed to have him as a part of our lives, thanks to the generosity of Gloria in sharing him with us.