A few weeks ago on Facebook, one of my friends shared that he entrusts cancer patients to Blessed Chiara Luce Badano.


I already dedicated my “Light the Night” walk to St. Peregrine, who’s the official patron of cancer, but I couldn’t help but look up Blessed Chiara. After reading about her, I’ve decided she’s on my team. The more, the merrier, right?

What I found was intriguing and interesting. Here’s a saint who was a teen, for one thing, and not a “holier than thou” teen, either. She seems like she was someone we would have liked.

She had a lot of friends and she played a lot of sports. She sang and danced. But she didn’t shove Jesus down anyone’s throats, according to what I read: she wanted to bring them Jesus to them with her example.

She learned she had a serious form of bone cancer when she was 17. She became paralyzed as a result, and she died at age 18, less than two years after her cancer was diagnosed.

During her illness, she was an example and an inspiration to others. For that matter, she’s an inspiration to me as I read about her!

I’ll be turned to Blessed Chiara during my walk and as I prepare and ask others for their support (both monetary and prayer).

Will you join me for a moment of prayer?

In imitation of Christ, Blessed Chiara Badano embraced great suffering with much faith and courage. The light of her life shines brightly in our dark world. Help us to turn to her witness when we are faced with challenges. Let her be our model as we suffer in our lives and as we watch those we love suffer. May her example inspire us, especially as we gather to support lymphoma and leukemia research.

You can learn more about Blessed Chiara at Saints Resource and at the Salt + Light blog. I also loved this prayer card I found.

Thanks to your support, I’ve met my $500 goal for my Light the Night walk. That’s not stopping me from offering books to anyone who donates before September 15 and aiming for the next goal, $1000. 🙂