I always hate it when I look up and a bunch of time has passed and I haven’t blogged. It’s just not a good habit to keep.

Then again, this blogging thing is supposed to be FUN. (Platform building lecturers, leave the room, please.) And sometimes, LIFE crops up.

Well, you know the drill, don’t you? And I’m betting you’re busy enough that maybe you were even a little relieved that I was leaving you alone. 🙂

I have, however, been writing away. So here’s a little taste of what I’ve been up to Out There. And if you want to click and read, great. If not, I leave you with this:

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Two Novels That Made Me Think This Summer

An in-depth look at two novels that I enjoyed and that really made me think this summer, The Lion’s Heart and The Fault in Our Stars.

A new app-reciation for faith on the go

In which the fine folks at Our Sunday Visitor invited me to share more of my app-happy love.

Take a well-worn and well-loved iPad, insert a 3-year-old, and you’re either going to have a very quiet hour or … an accident. As it turns out, I’ve had both. After a techie friend of mine fixed the tablet after “The Kool-Aid Incident,” I had hope that it might never die. And then my little guy tripped and the screen went kaput, and … well … let’s just say that we had a moment of silence for the iPad.

However, in the last year, I have broken down and gone the way of the smartphone, though not the Apple variety. That means I’ve had a chance to both bemoan the lack of some of my favorite apps on Android and to explore all new apps that are, in some ways, far different than what I’m used to.

In the year since I last wrote about Catholic apps, there have been quite a few more added to the Android landscape.

All of these apps are available both on Android and iTunes, which is a big change even from a year ago, when I longed for more (and better) Catholic apps available for Android; nearly all of them (unless otherwise noted) are free.

You can share your favorites in the comments over there. (Because yes, I WANT TO KNOW.)

The Color Purple and Mary’s Birthday

A reflection on grapes and Mary and how she was probably as normal as any of us…until you got to know her.

The Birth of Mary: Reflecting on the Feast Day

Some history, some reflection, some food for thought:

We might not feel like God has given us quite the important task He gave Anne and Joachim or other saints. Who am I? I often wonder to myself. Just another woman, just another mom, just another worker.

Except that’s not true. God made each of us for a purpose, and we are the only ones who can fulfill that mission in life. He’s asking something great of each of us, and we can look to Mary for help in following God’s will toward that purpose.

I often have to remind myself that the really important things God has in store for me don’t need fireworks or flashing lights. I might not even realize the impact I’m having.

Mary wasn’t born in a palace, and neither was Jesus. Their lives didn’t follow the pattern we might have chosen, if we were planning out the path for “Mother of God” and “God made Man.”

God had a better plan. We’re all better for it.

And, because I can’t resist, here’s my view as I tap away this afternoon:

2014-09-11 13.13.22