My column from this weekend’s parish bulletin

I have marveled at how happy my children’s presence can make people, especially, it seems, older people, those who are far enough removed from the baby-toddler-preschooler years to remember them with fondness. When I worked in the parish office every day, I once remarked to Father Pat that it should have been in my job description to spread the love by just taking my little ones on home visits.

Without batting an eye, he replied, “Ah, yes, babies should be in charge of evangelization, little apostles of love.”

I’ve come to the conclusion that we really should put young children in charge of evangelization efforts. For one thing, they’re well-rested, so they’re better equipped for the nasty questions and comments that sometimes come around. For another thing, they have to eat pretty frequently. We all know what a wonderful function food can serve in our lives (especially certain foods packaged by Nabisco).

It’s no wonder Jesus welcomed children, even knowing how messy and loud and inconvenient they can be. No other group better represents the very message He was trying to convey.