This is part of my adventure in giving my monthly resolutions focus through a yearly focus. You can read all of my resolution posts here (scroll down for older posts).

Mental Focus: Clearing the clutter through home organization

This is the month of the playroom. I’ve been working up to this for a few weeks (though I forgot that April was playroom month until I looked in my planner a few days ago), in preparation for our parish rummage sale. I told my four-year-old that I would pay her $1 for every black garbage bag she fills, and that she’ll be able to spend that money at the rummage sale OR save it for that special toy she’s been saving all of her money for in the last few months (she has $32 saved!).

Getting rid of toys isn’t the only part of the playroom focus though. Our playroom is the room people walk into when the enter our house. It’s where our wood stove lives and there’s also a corner that’s my husband’s place to keep stuff (for lack of a better way to describe it).

Physical Focus: Getting off my duff

I’ve been slacking on this, but as I shared in my small successes this week, I’ve given myself permission to put this away for the time being. Yes, it’s important. I know that without a doubt. But I can’t handle it right now…and so I’m pausing it…maybe even until next year.

Spiritual Focus: Carving out a classroom of silence for prayer

I have continued to explore the silent time that I mentioned last month. Some days, I just can’t get to it, because of other obligations. Perhaps the lesson for me, in all of these areas, is to be flexible, to have a foundation that’s solid (for me, in the spiritual focus, it’s the rosary) and some landscaping that adds beauty but that doesn’t distract from the real thing. (Not sure my metaphor is quite right…) I know I need this silent time, but sometimes, I need sleep more, and that’s OK. Perfection doesn’t always mean what I think it means; my goal is to become ever more open to GOD’S will and not purely focused on MY will.