I’ve always been full of questions. In seventh grade, we were graded on how well we asked questions of other people’s science project presentations. I took it as my personal challenge to ask every single person at least one question. At the end of the year, I remember the boy I had a huge crush on signed my yearbook “To the most inquisitive person I know.”

That ability has paid off over the years when it comes to interviewing other people. And I find that, the more questions I ask, the more I have.

cover-chastity is for lovers

Over at the Register, my interview with the lovely young Arleen Spenceley about her new book, Chastity Is for Lovers was just posted (it’s in the print edition too). Spenceley is the kind of young lady I’d like all the young girls I love to know, meet, and emulate. She’s passionate and committed and funny. (WHY is she still single? I can only think that HER Prince Charming must be a HECKUVA guy worth waiting for…)

She’s also articulate. (Well, she IS a writer.)

I really wrote this book for two kinds of people. No. 1: I think there are people in our culture who think adults who are virgins don’t exist. I wrote this book for that person, because I know from my own personal experience that you very easily can feel like you’re the only one if you are practicing chastity, which means that you’re saving sex for marriage or saving sex from now on for marriage. There just aren’t a lot of people, generally speaking, who are living life that way. So I wrote this book hoping that people who felt alone won’t feel so alone anymore.

And then I also wrote this book because I’ve met lots of people, particularly when I was in college, who would learn a little bit about me and a little bit about the virtue of chastity but weren’t necessarily interested in not having sex, but the more we discussed it, the more they considered whether another way of dating and another way of living might be possible. So the book’s also for people who are not happy or not satisfied with the way they’ve been having relationships, and the book presents them an alternative way of life that they can try.

Her book, Chastity Is for Lovers, is a book I’ll be buying for all those girls I mentioned earlier. It’s a book I don’t consider optional.

Take a few moments and learn about Spenceley’s motivation for writing such a personal book. And smile a bit, too. She really is quite a delightful young lady.