Autumn is a time of renewal. The air cools off and the stoves heat up. We cuddle together under blankets and in the evenings I like a nice cozy cup of tea as I wind down. Renewal seems like more of a spring concept, but I find it in the slowing-down of autumn, in the reflective tone of the world around me. As the trees go from the green we’ve become so accustomed to, they splash and wave in colors that glow against the blue skies. Farmers are rushing to get the corn and beans harvested, and you debate with yourself about whether it’s worth having a jacket on or not.

Autumn means football games and mulled cider. Autumn means beginnings if you’re involved with anything academic, which is a bit ironic, since the world around us are getting ready to hibernate for the winter. Autumn means digging out the sweaters and packing away the sandals. It’s refamiliarizing yourself with a morning routine that involves starting the car early. Autumn means breathing in and feeling the sting of cold air.

In the autumn, it feels right to light candles throughout the house and curl up with a book and a mug of coffee, no matter what time of day. There are pumpkins to carve and children to tickle (although the tickling can and should also be done in the summer!). There’s a burst of energy in the autumn, and maybe it’s from the wind or the magnificent canvas of color.