For some reason, I had it in my mind that we were reflecting on the Resurrection today. So this morning, as I was reading the blog tour post over at Mommy Marginalia, I was a little…surprised.

Now, mind you, I set the tour schedule. I am the one who decided the order of things.

And I forgot.

It’s made me consider the parallels between the Resurrection and the Baptism in the Jordan, how they both lead me to a renewal of self and a consideration of Jesus’ example. (More about that later in my post at

So go on over to Mommy Marginalia and join us in praying the first LUMINOUS mystery, the Baptism in the Jordan.

Victoria also shared her review from the perspective of an adoptive mom reading my book. I was both heartened and humbled by her words.

When you’re done praying,

there are lots of chances to win and celebrate:

Want to know more about the book?

Here you go.

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