I have a pile of books to review here, in this space. I have requests in my inbox for announcements to be shared here, in this space. I have thoughts swirling in my brain, waiting for the chance to come out here, in this space.

But I also want to remember that this space is a little corner where I can share the most precious moments of my current days.

Like, for example, my equestrian daughter and her persistence with a pony who shares a flair for being strong-willed that she meets as though she recognizes just what to do about it:

Or the way the other daughter just falls asleep. Will I ever get tired of her scrunched-up sleeping face?

No, I think I won’t. It won’t be that small or scrunched-up (or willing to be posted in cyberspace) for much longer…

And we can’t forget the newest members of our household:

How about pigtails? (Some of the other women in my girls’ lives have introduced them to a concept known as “Mommy Does Your Hair.” Have I mentioned I’m a tomboy, through and through? These pigtails are darn cute, because they’re on my really adorable children, but I think I may need to start practicing on the Barbie head that’s floating around here somewhere…)

(Oh, and we can’t forget the empty jar she insisted on holding.)

These days are sliding by fast enough without me forgetting to share them…perhaps with a me who will stumble across them in a few years and wonder where those little girls went.