It’s May, and that means I’m looking around me at the wonder of spring in the Midwest and thinking of Mother Mary. They go hand-in-hand, spring and Mary. One brings new life in the form of bunnies and blooms, the other brought New Life in the form of the One who brings the new life. Seeing the transformed world, I’m reminded of what a joy May is (even when it’s uncharacteristically chilly). Seeing the Church honor Mary this month, I’m reminded of what a joy her motherhood is.

So, this week, with Heidi’s permission, I’m sharing another excerpt from her book Behold Your Mother. (Last week’s was my favorite, the one that will become a refrigerator magnet, but this week’s is on one of the many pages I dogeared.)

Blessed One

What was it like for you, Mary?
To hear the shout and feel the beginnings
of new life stir within you?
You had done nothing but obey,
and yet, weren’t you embarrassed, still?
Did Joseph’s anguish and the neighbor’s clucking
ever make you wish you had not been
quite so blessed?

“Blessed are you,” your cousin said.
“Hail, graceful one,” the angel’s voice echoed
within your wind-swept chamber.
At that moment, did you imagine the day
when from your loving mother’s arms
God’s most tender hope would spring forth
for all eternity?

Copyright 2008
from Behold Your Mother, by Heidi Hess Saxton

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