A Mary Moment Monday post

I take a lot of comfort from this insight from the pope:

Mary truly believed that ‘nothing is impossible to God’ and, strong in this confidence she let herself be guided by the Holy Spirit in daily obedience to his plan. How can we not desire that same trusting abandon in our lives? How can we not yearn for that beatitude that is born of a profound and intimate familiarity with Jesus? That is why, addressing the one who is ‘full of grace’, we can today ask that she intercede with Divine Providence for us too, so that we might each day proclaim our ‘yes’ to God’s plan with the same humble and sincere faith that the Virgin said her yes”.

Pope Benedict XVI, Rosary Procession, May 31, 2011

As we approach Pentecost, this link between Mary and the Holy Spirit, this way they have of working together, helps me glimpse how I can better lean back into the trust I need to have.

I haven’t thought much about how I need to “desire that same trusting abandon” in my life. In fact, I’ve come to realize, after reflecting on this, how very hard it is for me to trust.

On some levels, I trust way too easily and quickly. On many other levels, though, the ones that matter and are closer to my vest, I don’t trust.

Turning to Mary is not a remote effort. It’s not reaching out to a distant deity.

Mary is right next to me. She’s holding me, as a matter of fact, as I struggle with whatever challenges today presents.

And right next to her, without fail, is her Son, who’s never far from her.

image credit: MorgueFile