If it’s a half-hour before the alarm clock’s going off and you’re not ready for Noggin yet, there are worse things than letting her into your bed.

You never knew you needed so little pillow to fall asleep.

The Laws of Toddler Physics state that the toddler shall own twice as much blanket and pillow and bed space as the adult to whom she is closest.

That small head, nestled right under your chin with Einstein hair, will only be that small for approximately five more minutes.

Few things will make you as alert early in the morning as a razor-sharp knee or an oak foot in the small of your back or the top of your tummy.

Who needs an exercise regime? Keeping out of the path of her limbs will take off the pounds of five Der Dutchman donuts. Easily.

“Lub you, Mommy.”

The symphony of Someone’s snoring on the other side of the bed and Toddler’s almost-asleep breathing, punctuated with a few kicks from the one who can’t yet demand a place anywhere on the bed, is sweeter than anything composed by Beethoven.

Starting the week with cuddles never hurt anyone.

No one else in the house carries the particular aroma of being two. Whiff it in. Smile. Quick, before it’s gone.

It won’t be long and she won’t want me to cuddle with her. In any way. Ever.