You have an alarm clock, you have an arm – think of the money you’re saving! Just set the alarm and you have the game. No need to battle the lines at the store or search online. You’ve got the makings of fine entertainment right in your bedroom!

You’re strengthening your arm through the reach-and-stretch from whatever position you’re in to get to the alarm clock.

You get the chance to be creative first thing in the morning – you can finish the song in your head as you lay there going back to sleep.

Guilt, schmilt. Monthly resolutions were made to be broken.

Dangers? Highly overrated. Getting a shower is a LUXURY, people!

Before long, there will be plenty of interruptions to your sleep cycle. Middle of the night interruptions. Times when you’re longing for eight minutes of time snuggling that pillow. Enjoy it now!

If sleeping is talking to the angels (c.f. Padre), then you should do more of it. Maybe you should just turn off the alarm clock!

If it’s “beauty sleep,” then, again, you should do more of it. And turning off the alarm clock may help.

Dark circles under your eyes save you from having to put on make-up. That black look is in, after all!
Buy some tickets and you could be earning a prize!

You realize just how much time you’ve wasted before in your morning duties. You’ve gotten more efficient. You’ll need these skills, so why not hone them?

How else are you going to hone that special talent you have for procrastination?

The dishes and laundry can wait. The sleep, however, can NOT.

An understanding husband plus a sleeping toddler equals an opportunity not to be missed. Whack the alarm clock and roll over!