The other day, I was jumping up and down, and a few people wanted to know why. Well, I needed to stop my jumping and get my feet underneath me before I felt like I could share it.

Today’s the day for sharing it. 🙂

Beginning today, you’ll be seeing me every week over at Catholic Exchange, on the brand-new Today’s Catholic Woman channel, posting about the various titles of Mary in a weekly series called Subject of the Queen. The first in that series is up today, Mary, A Mother for Us All. It’s a special way to start a special project – not only do I have a special devotion to Mary, but both of my daughters were born on Marian feasts, the oldest, in fact, on the Feast of Mary, Mother of God (January 1).

Now will you join me in jumping up and down, and then we’ll share a hot beverage while we meander around over at Today’s Catholic Woman?