Do you remember asking the big questions? Or maybe it’s more relevant to recall for you that four- or five-year-old in your life, the one who is always saying and asking the darndest things. You know the kind.

“Mommy, what does God wear to bed?”

“Daddy, does Aunt C sing to the babies in heaven too?”

“Mommy, if Jesus was born on Christmas, how old does that make him?”

Keoni’s Big Question, by Patti Ogden, gave my four-year-old food for thought when I read it to her recently. It gave me food for thought too.

How often do I shrug off those questions that seem to come at me, some days, in a constant stream? Do I shove them to a “later” corner and fail to sit down with them and consider them?

And, I wonder, what would Jesus do?

For that matter, what would his mother do?

None of those are the big question Keoni’s asking, and not finding the answer, in this book.

Keoni’s Big Question isn’t worth finding just because of the delightful illustrations. It’s not worth reading just because you’re sick of the books you’ve been reading ten times a day for the last week.

This is a book that tackles a big question, a question that theologians grapple with, and turns it into an answer that will change the next day.

Can you see God?

Well yes. Yes you can.

More about Patti Ogden and the publishing company of her book, Capstone Publications, can be found at their website.