To a woman who makes me respect the phrase “baby person”

To a friend who makes me look out at my dilapidated barn with new eyes

To a Southern Belle who misses the snow

To an aunt who calls right at bedtime and gives the best Easter gift of all…a talk with the cousins we have been pretending to be all week long

To a mother who has been at the foot of the Cross, held by Mary

To a wife who has, in the midst of sorrow, been an example of strength

To a house guest who leaves money on the fridge (come by anytime!)

To a sister who shows love through service

To a little girl with a crushed heart who has grown past the pain into the beauty of springtime

To an example of faith in the midst of crisis

To a woman who doesn’t look a day over 29

To a lady who knows class and still comes to visit us hicks in the Buckeye State

To a pray-er who doesn’t yak about it but leads by example

To the missing member of our all-around-us family

To the once-maybe-twice-a-year visitor who brings warmth in the winter and coolness (as in “who’s that COOL woman chillin’ by the pool?”) in the summer

To the farmgirl-turned-city-wife who has never quite lost her appreciation of dirt under her fingernails

To the only person in her city who longs for a clothesline

To the person who most appreciates my old house (if in a rather romantic light, we forgive it)

To a deep thinker and a quiet do-er

To a “photo freak” and a picture appreciator, a companion snip-snapper and a fellow punk-clicker

To an inspiration and an example

Susieann, we hope this birthday is filled with blessings and hope, and that the prayers of those who have gone before shower upon you and bring you peace today and everyday!