I promised a listing from my session at the Catholic New Media Celebration, and here it is. Thanks to y’all for making it a great session and for inspiring my work here. Thanks too for everyone who made me feel comfortable and like I belonged (as opposed to feeling like out-of-place 7th-grader finding herself mistakenly at the senior prom).

If I forgot anyone, or if you were there and didn’t get a chance to sign my sheet in my session, leave your link in the comments and I’ll add it back to the post afterward. (And, of course, if you notice that your link is broken or incorrect, just let me know and I’ll fix it with an apologetic smile.) 🙂

I think I’m going to also start a list of blogs started and/or inspired by this year’s CNMC — if you know of any (or if you have one), let me know and I’ll get a list started!

11 on My Own – Kristin Bothur

American Papist – Thomas Peters

Barb in Nebraska’s Posterous – Barb Gilman

Bilik Family – Scott Bilik

Bridget_M – Bridget Mejza

Catholic Company – Nicholas Cole

Catechist Corner – Carlos Torres

Catholic Foodie – Jeff Young

CatholicMom.com – Lisa Hendey

Catholic Parish Media Liaison – Kerry Madden

Catholic Roundup – Sean McGaughey

Catholic Spiritual Direction – Dan Burke

Da Tech Guy’s Blog – Peter Injeni

DanielleBean.com – Danielle Bean

Divine Office Ministry – Dale Falkner

Encourage & Teach – Joelle Shea

Faith & Family LIVE – Rachel Balducci Danielle Bean, Lisa Hendey, and Robyn Lee

Fallible Blogma – Matthew Warner

Feminine Genius – Genevieve Kineke

From the Field of Blue Children – Cathy Adamkiewicz

Get Real – Christine Warner

In the Middle of Things – Jeff Young

iPadre – Fr. Jay Finelli

Jeff Young – Jeff Young

Kathryn Hermes – Sr. Kathryn Hermes

Kodaly and Orff Music Teacher’s Blog – Suzanne Gonsalves

Life is a Prayer – Jeff Geerling

Mary Ward – Mary Ward

Musings from a Catholic Bookstore – Ian Rutherford

Of Sound Mind and Spirit – Lisa Jones & Shelly Kelly

Our Catholic Prayers – Chris Castugueli

Parish Geeks – Scott Maentz

PIME Missionaries of North America – Cathy Adamkiewicz

Sister’s Blog – Little Sisters of the Poor – Sr. Constance Veit, ISP

St. Joseph Helps – Sr. Kathryn Hermes

Steph’s Random Thoughts – Stephanie Weak

Testosterhome – Rachel Balducci

Title Varies Slightly – Naomi Young

We Need Boo Hoo to Get to the Woo Hoo – Anne Ishikawa (who participated via uStream)

The Wine Dark Sea – Melanie Bettinelli

The World According to Taquoriaan – Inge Loots

Zombie Parent’s Guide – Joseph Reninger