Did you ever wonder if your heart could get fuller?
Did you ever ask yourself if you could have more blessings?
Did you ever savor a moment, like a piece of rare chocolate, and hope to remember it later?

This morning, I can’t help but reflect on these pictures, from an unexpected evening, waiting for the blessing of the Eucharist. I can’t help but see how the joy of the Eucharist and the joy of my family are interwoven; how one is so very dependent on the other; how the fullness of one leads to the fullness of the other.

This morning, I can’t help but see the shower of blessings: the father, so patient, so in love, so strong; the daughter, so content, so loved, so joyful. I can’t help but think that things are right with the world, even if, later today, the whispers in my head try to convince me otherwise. I can’t help but feel the blossom of Hope opening its petals inside.

I can’t help but feel renewed.