Today, it’s an honor to host author Nicole Lataif for some thoughts on over-complimenting our kids. Honestly, I don’t know that I’ve ever thought about it quite like this (and I’m still processing some of the things Nicole suggests). What do you think?

Our Kids Are Drowning in a Sea of Compliments

Call 911! Our Kids Are Drowning in a Sea of Compliments!

By Nicole Lataif

“You are so smart! How did you read that book so fast?”

“You are GORGEOUS! Look at those eyes! You could be a model!” 

“You are such a great athlete! I heard that you are the fastest runner in your class!” 

Many of us have said them and we’ve all heard them. Children are drowning in a sea of well-intentioned, misdirected compliments. The lifeboat? 


Words matter. When we exclude Christ from a compliment, we are saying, “YOU are great.” We should be saying, “HE is doing great things in you.” 

When you talk to a small child, remember that you are talking to a child who is both body and soul. There is more to a child than they—or we—can see. Christ resides in them and they are growing and learning about who they are. The younger the child, the more important it is to choose your words carefully. When we compliment a child, they take it to heart! 

Our words and actions should remind kids that our highest purpose in life is fulfilled through loving God and loving others, not in receiving compliments or achieving random “goals,” however impressive. 

I’m not saying that kids shouldn’t receive compliments or learn to set goals. I’m saying that how we compliment is important. I’m saying that setting goals should be a result of prayer and discernment, not for accolades or personal ‘satisfaction.’ 

If you are going to tell a girl that she is beautiful (which you SHOULD!), consider how you say it. How wonderful would it be if she knew that she is beautiful FIRST because of how much God loves her. The man who will love her someday will love her in spite of her big nose or funny laugh or quirky behaviors (just ask my fiancée…). When she knows that Christ lives within her, she will know why she is truly beautiful. 

If you are going to tell a kid that he’s smart, make sure he knows that he is smart because God gifted him with intelligence. Remind him that he will need to use his strong mind to develop his gifts and talents to honor God.

If a kid is a fantastic athlete, most likely he has leadership skills. Instead of comparing him to other children, consider highlighting how he can be an example of a hard worker to others. Remind him that he is a hard worker because he has a gift and if used properly, will honor God. 

If children learn at an early age to honor God with their gifts and talents, setting goals and a life-path through prayer and discernment will come more naturally for them down the road. Help to keep kids learn humility and how to focus on the virtue within their achievements. 

We are all a work in progress, but Christ within us is where our true happiness, peace, and vocations lie. 

Nicole Lataif is the Founder and Editor of and Author of the 2013 Catholic Press Association Award and 2013 Christopher Award winning book Forever You: A Book About Your Soul and Body, published by Pauline Books & Media. Forever You is also available in Spanish as Siempre Tu. Her second book, I Forgive You: Love We Can Hear, Ask For and Give, teaches kids ages 4-8 what forgiveness is all about. Nicole is available for speaking engagements, school visits, interviews, and guest blogging. Media inquires may be sent to