One of my dear friends asked me to pray for one of her dear friends, and I, in turn, am asking you to join me.

From Jane, a foster mom who is struggling to finalize the adoption of Brian and who was hoping and praying to also keep Alex. I don’t know that I understand the full story, but I do recognize a plea for prayer when I read one, and this family can use our prayers. Thanks in advance!

From Jane’s email:

Court did not go well at all–Alex has to follow his visitation plan of an overnight tomorrow to a relative we met who doesn’t want anything for him, not even his schedule or his comfort items, then he is basically gone next weekend, probably Friday. I still can’t believe a minister and his wife could lack so much compassion.

I hurt for Alex in that he is probably going to a very rigid home, but at least I know they can meet his needs and they have probably bought him toys by now (boy, I sure hope so!!!). I felt lied to and cheated at court by our attorney, by the guardian ad litems, and by FCCS. They all twisted our words to some degree or another and it made me sick to my stomach. I still worry about Brian and whether they will try to move him as well as how will Alex do as he goes???

If you guys can spare a few more prayers for us, we sure need them. Satan is tempting us over and over. This is truly laying down our lives, and I don’t know how much more I have to give.

I just hope I can be a good enough mommy to Alex as he goes, and to Brian as he stays. He cried so hard today when I told him Alex was leaving, and today was his birthday, but he’d just heard me talk with our attorney again.

Names have been changed.