Today’s mystery

It’s Day 14 of my book‘s blog tour. It’s flying by…or is it just me?

Today we’re praying a mystery of the rosary that I think we all relate with in some, if only in the phrases we use.

Or is it just me who refers to my everyday complaints as “crosses”?

The reflection and prayers today are hosted at Scriptural Woman, the blog of Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur.

* * *

Have a laugh on me

In a move that might be my not-smartest thing, I’m going to give you a link to a YouTube video. It’s being billed as “Catholic mommy bloggers unplugged.”

Someone told me they want to see my brand of sassy go viral.

I disagree.

But I’m sharing it here because there are people who know me and will see this and wonder why it’s funny. Because…it’s just me.

So here you go: the outtakes of the video interview I did with Lisa Schmidt at The Practicing Catholic.

* * *

More book fun

I’ve done a few reviews for the Patheos Book Club, and I write over at the Happy Catholic Bookshelf at Patheos.

So it’s delightful in so many ways to haveĀ A Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy: Walking with Mary from Conception to Baptism featured as a book for the Patheos Book Club.

Check it out!

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Don’t forget!

You can enter to win every day of the blog tour: win a Nook tablet!

And if you want a copy of my book, you can enter to win at all of these different places:

And how aboutĀ my October contest?…because there are three entries right now. That means, by my reckoning, that everyone is a winner. You have a chance for that too!

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Picture used with permission from the Real Life Rosary Facebook page.