This week, I’m taking a bit of a break and reposting some oldies but goodies. Today, I thought I’d revisit my introductory Mary Moment Monday post on November 2, 2009.

Yesterday, I felt as though I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. Maybe it was just general exhaustion catching up with me and making me weary.  Maybe the dog’s car chasing antics were the last straw.  Maybe I was just having a bad day.

What was that weight?  Could I put it down?  Why was I carrying it?

We all have weight on our shoulders.  Maybe it’s grief or pain; maybe it’s stress or worry; maybe it’s a project or a deadline.

What I forget, so often, is that I don’t carry my weight alone.  Right beside me, if only I’ll look, is Mary.  She’s trying to reach my hand, but I keep moving it out of her reach.  Jesus is there too, and He’s trying to get that heavy load off of me, but I keep shrugging off His touch.

If only I’ll let them help me.

Do things have to get bad, explode in my face, leave me in tears, before I’ll accept their help?

Reaching out, at last, I feel the relief, the comfort, the embrace.

Here’s hoping today is a lesson in remembering their support and knowing that the weight of the world is theirs to carry.

image source: MorgueFile