Tomorrow, I hit the “official” 36-week mark with this pregnancy. The baby’s due on December 4th, and yes, I have designs on a few Marian feasts within a number of days of that date, but…I’ve reached The Point. You know it, don’t you? It’s the point where the baby can come out, no matter if I’m ready or not.

Though I’m at The Point, the TRUTH is, I want to keep the kid inside as long as I can. I have NO DOUBT things are easier NOW, while baby’s tucked away inside me (however much I may feel little limbs in my ribs and have sudden attacks that send me to the bathroom like a potty-training three-year-old).

All of that is by way of asking you, ever humbly, to keep us in your prayers. There is always worry for me in a pregnancy, though I’ve been very blessed during this pregnancy to be awash in peace and somehow protected from the anxieties that plagued me with both of my other pregnancies. Whether we have a healthy baby or not, whether things go “well” or “as planned” or not, please keep us in your prayers. It can’t hurt. 🙂


I realized the other day that I have been really slacking in the taking-pictures-of-my-kids department. In October, I took pictures twice, once on the 2nd and once on the 30th. Because of that, yesterday while we were waiting for the bus, I took the camera outside and captured some moments of everyday life: kids and dogs running around in the warm sunshine, under the blue sky.


Speaking of warm sunshine and blue sky, when I saw that it was not raining yesterday, as my husband told me it might, I hung blankets and sheets out on the line. In November. It was just too nice not to. Still felt a little crazy, though.


I have been really enjoying the Uncommon Sense podcast. I haven’t read much Chesterton (it’s on my to-do, believe me), but I’m learning a lot about him, and man, what’s not to love about Nancy Brown’s style of podcasting? I especially recommend the two episodes on Frances Chesterton here and here.


Have you read Elizabeth Esther‘s Mary series, “How Mary brought me back to Jesus”? So far, there is only a part 1 and part 2, but they are incredible. I love how candid she is (but that’s something to love about her anyway), and I love how she makes Mary such a person in her writing. It’s totally worth your time to make time to read these.


This is for anyone who just needs a smile today:


One of my favorite parts of this week was the chat I shared with Lisa Hendey and Lynn Wehner on this week’s Faith & Family Live Cast (link updated). I was especially touched by our discussion about community, as it’s something I’ve struggled with too in my local area. We also talked about an awesome product (talk about crazy craftiness!) and preparing for Advent. Join us, won’t you? We’d love to have your thoughts and keep the conversation going!

What was the best part of your week?

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