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Holy Sweat Socks, Batman!

Last week, my 8th-grade niece was attempting to stop my life in its tracks with her request for help with a seemingly impossible math assignment. My husband, who is Mr. Math Help Extraordinaire, was working late. My kids, who...

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A Double Celebration

Eight years ago, we planned a big party. Eight years ago, he waited for me at the end of an aisle. Eight years ago, we knelt beneath the Cross and sealed our happiness with a Sacrament. Eight years ago, we exchanged rings. Eight...

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The "Just Witty" Bio

If Sarah Reinhard isn’t off hiding somewhere with a good book, chances are she’s chasing a toddler or a Jack Russell (or sleeping, because every mom can use a nap!). She found Prince Charming and married him, and now they enjoy...

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Christmas Bits

This is a post for me, though you’re invited along too. I want to remember all the little parts of this year’s Christmas, but if I wait until I have a “proper” post, I’ll have forgotten half of it....

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Joy and Sorrow

This weekend, we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King. There are all sorts of good things you can read about that, and you don’t need to surf far in the Catholic blogosphere to find all you could ever want to know.I...

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