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Plan to See Mighty Macs

I am planning to see The Mighty Macs, that’s for sure. For one thing, it’s about basketball and a come-from-behind story. What’s not to love about that? For another thing, it’s a great Catholic story....

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A Thriller of a Family Movie Night

This summer is full of great adventure movies – Transformers 3, The Green Lantern, Captain America – with more on the way. One of them won’t be in theaters – but it is a thriller you can enjoy with your whole family! The next...

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Good news should be shared!

First, how awesome that Wal-Mart and P&G are once again sponsoring a Family Movie Night on FOX! From the press release: When leading marriage counselor Annie Morgan (Candace Cameron Bure) is offered an opportunity to host a...

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The Way Home

I sat down on my couch on Friday, feeling rather exhausted and very pregnant. It had been a long week, though for no good reason that I could think of (except that I’m 35 weeks pregnant). My plan was to use the 45-minute...

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Pondering Harry Potter

We’ve long been fans of Harry Potter. I have a cousin to thank for that. She raved on and on and ON, and so I picked up the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.It wasn’t bad.In fact, it was good.That led to me...

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Movie Adventures

In the last seven days, an amazing thing happened in my marriage.Prince Charming and I went to not one, but TWO, movies.In the theater.I still can’t believe it.Last weekend, we rented a car and drove…and drove…and...

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