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Gearing Up for Another Year

Source The last week of the year always does something to me. My to-do list, already full of things that need done, is suddenly bursting with exciting beginning-of-year tasks: get the new planner rolling, update the finance...

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Resolving to Try

My column from this weekend’s parish bulletin: I have a love-hate relationship with New Year’s resolutions.  On the one hand, I love the organized feeling it gives me to examine my life and promise myself and those I love...

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The Snooze War

I’ve noticed a trend in the last few weeks, and it involves the snooze bar on my alarm clock. I’ve struggled with this before (even going so far as to make sport of it and weigh the pros and cons), but this time it...

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Failed Resolutions

I love resolutions.  Whether it’s an attempt at small monthly goals or the blank slate of a new year, I have always been motivated by setting goals and making plans. This year, though, I’m coming up blank. Maybe...

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