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Two words for today

Go Bucks! And, on that note, here’s a little something to make those of Buckeye inclinations smile: (That’s the Michigan fight song in the background, in case you were wondering.) Via Tug &...

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On Sportsmanship

Around here, there’s a rabid sort of sportsmanship. While I’m a fan of the dominant team (as if you couldn’t tell by how my blog looks!), I’m not a fan of the near-racism levels of hatred that pour out during football season....

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It’s Game Day here, and we’re busy savoring every minute of our time with our visiting family. Tomorrow evening, it’s quite possible I’ll over-post in my enthusiasm to share how I attempted to capture the...

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Writing on Sports

What keeps most sportswriters from writing good English is the misapprehension that they shouldn’t be trying to. They have been reared on so many clichés that they assume they are the required tools of the trade. They also have...

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Game Day

Today we are going to the very first Buckeyes game. It’s looking like lousy weather (no camera for me!) – cold, rainy, icky. No matter. We will have warm bellies from the shouting and it gives us an excuse to cuddle up like...

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Championship Game

Last night, I went to my niece’s championship game for the summer softball league she’s in. I watched her team duke it out with a team bigger and probably better than hers and that ultimately won. I listened to the “ah, it was a...

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