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A Letter to My Dad Upstairs

Dear God, I don’t always think of You on Father’s Day, but you sure are on my mind a lot. You’re the first one I should go to, Father, with all those cares and concerns. You’re the one who’s supposed to be driving; you’re the...

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To My Child

You place your small hand in mine, without a second thought as to where I’ll lead you or what I’ll do. You have such complete confidence in me, far more than I have in myself. I had no idea our relationship would be like this....

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To My Little Brothers

Dear Little Brother,This year, you celebrate your first Father’s Day. You’re pretty new at it too. But it’s still YOUR day, for the first time. As your big sister, with quite a few years on you (as you never fail to remind me),...

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A Letter to My New Nephew

Dear Gabriel,You have the name of an angel. And as I held you yesterday, forgetting all about my dislike of babies in the face of your petite perfection, I had another glimpse at what heaven holds for each of us.The angel...

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Fair Warning

Dear Wasps,This is your last warning, and our call to arms.No more shall I grab one of the size 13s from Prince Charming’s stash and smash you despite bringing down the drapes.Never again shall I bring a mug of blueberry...

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At One Year

Dear Meredith,You’ve gone from being “Merdiff” to Yue-yue to Yueie to Noonie and Deet-deet. I have no idea where your sister comes up with these nicknames…but they fit. Somehow, the radiance of your smile, lighting up the...

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Difficult People

Dear Daughters,There’s no escaping it – at some point, you have to deal with Difficult People. Janie might not have any trouble with them, and Louisa may find them a joy, but for YOU they will be the very definition of...

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Twinker, Twinker

Dear Babs,Someday you’ll understand, I hope, my amazement and wonder as I say, sometimes out loud, “You’re getting so BIG!” Someday, you might appreciate the nostalgia – and relief – that are behind my exclamations....

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