One of my favorite parts of my Catholic faith is the communion of saints. Especially now that I live with an aspiring superhero, I find myself turning to the saints in new and interesting ways. Not only do I reflexively look up whose feast day it is (often using as my starting point), but I also encourage my children to get to know their patrons and to adopt new friends in heaven.

“It never hurts to have holy friends,” I remind them. Though at least one of them rolls their eyes (they take turns with this particular talent), I’ve noticed a stash of saints book in one child’s book pile and a couple of holy cards under another kid’s pillow.

Now, as much as I’m a fan of the saints, I am, at best, a reluctant crafter. (I have referred to myself as the Anticrafter in the past, but maybe that’s a little extreme…) So after I told Monica McConkey I’d be happy to look over her latest saints endeavor, I flinched more than a little when I realized it had the c-word involved.

And then I smiled. Because my ten-year-old is so crafty she’s almost not related to me. (She watches YouTube videos almost constantly, has at least three or four projects going on at any given time, and may be the redemption of my reluctance to spend much time on Pinterest.)

But then, THEN, I realized that this is NOT a craft project. I REPEAT: THERE IS NO CRAFTING INVOLVED.

{Insert sighs of great relief.}


This Cathletics Craft Kit comes with templates for all 54 Cards along with the official Super Saints back cover template. along with printing instructions and instructions on various games to play. These can be printed at home (and laminated if you have your own awesome laminator!) or the file can be taken to Staples or your favorite print shop for them to print on heavy card stock…maybe even glossy! The crop marks are all in place so you can have them cut them as well!

There is, in fact, a Flower Fund campaign, Project Super Saints, (NOTE: LINK UPDATED SO THAT IT WORKS) to raise the funds to professionally print these cards in time for the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia in September!

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(View the Super Saints movie here if you can’t see the embedded video above.)

I can’t help but love the versatility of this Super Saints kit. Printing the cards and knowing the saints isn’t the end of it: this is an endeavor to meet the saints and get to know them. Printing this deck of cards (because that’s what it turns out to be) gives you a resource that will help you make the saints into old friends for your whole family.

Though I received this set for review, I have put it on my “gifts that will be great for my godchildren and other kids in my life” list. Is it worth paying for the download? Absolutely!

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