You know that feeling when you’re at a loss and you look out above the kitchen sink and wonder just what in the world you are doing? When the bucket of you-know-what from the kid on the sheet-covered couch is still sudsing up below you and the sunset is bright before you and, honestly, this is not at all what you needed to get done?

I’ve been working on being less productivity-minded, but wow, it’s hard. Fourteen years into this parenting gig, I’m still looking around and wondering how (and if) I’ll survive. (For the record: I’ve been doing that the whole time.)

That said, I’m also still looking around in wonder and awe. If this is the important work I have to do, then, well, let’s rock it. (With coffee, of course.)

Over the years, I’ve found a variety of helps and supports in my mothering efforts. Coffee, of course, and prayer, both in abundance, with a healthy side of chocolate and humor (not necessarily in that order).

Over the last few months, I’ve been especially blessed to have a new support, one that it’s so lovely to share on this first day of the year: Lisa Hendey’s new Catholic Mom’s Desk Calendar.

You deserve a boost of inspiration and a bolstering of support: You'll find that (and more) in this new desk calendar.

Essentially, it’s a daily desk calendar, one you can use for years to come. (Mine’s going to be a fixture on my kitchen windowsill until the sun and steam ruin it beyond use and recognition, and even then…I will probably want to grasp it.)

Each day has a scripture verse or quote from a saint, followed by a prayer that I can only say is “all Lisa.”

You may not be familiar with what being “all Lisa” indicates. Well, allow me to enlighten you.

It means that they will cut you to the quick, bolster you for the challenges, and uplift you to face the right direction, sometimes all at once.

If this was a book, I would persevere for about a month (if I was lucky) and then pop it into a permanent place and pick it up when convenient.

But it’s not a book: it’s a calendar, one that looks nice with the backdrop of my backyard! There’s hope for me…and when I forget, there’s at least one kid who will notice…because I’ve already seen it happen).

And, speaking of that, how about the impact this little gem has on the saint-makers in my home? They can’t miss it and though they don’t seem to spend nearly as much time at the sink or in the kitchen as I do, they see it. They “catch” the message…and they see that I see it too.

There’s something to be said for these faith-filled reminders tucked into the nooks and crannies of our lives. There’s something to be said for the amazing power of the day-to-day habits and struggles we share with our children.

Hendey’s done a wonderful service for each of us with this calendar. Don’t miss your chance to enrich your days with it.

Purchase this calendar through Word Among Us Press and receive 20% off the cover price! You’ll see the promo code listed on the product page.