Have you ever noticed how any group of people will stop getting along at some point? Catholics are no exception. (I mean, if Catholics had kept getting along, there would only be one Christianity, right?)

For example, a dear friend of mine has these terrific insights on motherhood. She shared some of them in an article, and she’s had some flaming feedback. (By “flaming,” I mean that my eyeballs are still burning.)

A while back, Danielle Bean commented in an article that “nobody can tear a vulnerable woman apart quite like another woman,” and then she goes on to ask, “Why do we do this to each other?”

So the group, it seems, is Catholics, and specifically, Catholic women.

And maybe we haven’t all stopped getting along. I surely won’t get everyone reconciled with my little post on my out-of-the-mainstream blog.

But I want you to think about this. (And if you’re not a Catholic, and you’re not a woman, maybe you’ll still find food for thought.)

The next time you want to lambaste someone, try encouragement.

You might have to swallow some salt, get a new tongue from biting yours off, and stand on your head so you forget about what you were going to say.

Because, you know what? Arguments aren’t won (by “won,” I mean in people’s hearts) by whoever scores the most insults.