I’ve found quite a few useful resources that are helping me this Advent, and I’m sharing them here because, well, maybe you can use some help too.

  • Praying Advent 2008 – I discovered Creighton University through their Online Retreat in Everyday Life. Their Praying Advent pages have helped me in the past, and this year I’m finding them particularly relevant, as I struggle – as usual – to slow down and prepare for the joy of the season.
  • Catholic New Media Advent Calendar – Sean is a genius, as my young friend Sarahbear would say, for coming up with this idea of an online Advent calendar. If you haven’t checked it out, don’t miss out. All sorts of folks from Catholic new media (blogs, podcasts, and whatever else there is) are pitching in, and the quality is no less than stellar and the reflections are refreshing.
  • The Advent Wreath for Your Blog – Once again Jeff Miller at The Curt Jester shares his immense talent and indulges our innate desires to have our blogs look as lovely as our homes. 🙂
  • Heather’s Advent at Claypool Photography – My friend Heather is a brilliant photographer – I’ve shared the amazing things she’s done with my family here many times. What delight to see an Advent celebration in photography!
  • Karen’s No-Panic Advent – I have been a fan of Karen Edmisten for a few years now, and so I recognize some of her No-Panic Advent posts as reruns (or same information in a new post, I’m not sure). I’m thankful for them, though, because this year I need them! (My kids are finally old enough, and I’m finally paying attention to the liturgical year.) You don’t have to be a homeschooling Catholic mom (I’m not!) to appreciate her book recommendations, craft tips, and common sense approach to Advent with kids.
  • Kate’s Daily Advent Tips – Kate Wicker, hostess at Momopoly, delivers a bite-sized Advent thought, reflection, or task each day. Charming, humorous, and insightful.
  • Daily Advent Posts by Danielle Bean at Faith and Family LIVE! – I enjoyed these when Danielle did them on her blog during Lent, and I’m enjoying them again during this season of Advent. (I can’t remember for sure, but I think she did them last year for Advent too.) They include a task for your day, a recipe, and a prayer. If you can only pick one thing to help you with Advent, try this one, whether or not you’re a mom or Catholic or…well, go and check them out.


  • In the comments, Stina points us to the brilliant and ever-resourceful Barbara at Praying for Grace, who has Advent activities and links lined up here. Incidentally, Barbara always has fabulous activities and links and resources that she shares, so you should check her out beyond just Advent. 🙂