Chastity is a virtue we are all called to observe. When we offer our sufferings up to Christ, who gave the ultimate sacrifice, we become closer to him in his suffering. Think of him as you struggle; pray to him for guidance and protection from the snares that lay all around.

In being called to holiness, we are called to stretch ourselves beyond what we were before. No, it’s not an easy road, but it is the path to heaven. The spiritual battles are real and they’re scary and tiresome. But in persevering we become better people – and by better, I mean closer to God, more like Mary the first disciple, more like the saints in heaven.

Being married is a huge responsibility. In marital love we image God. Our society has lost sight of this, but in knowing the joy, we can never turn our backs on it without great pain.

Be strong. Let Jesus be your guide and Mary your companion. The journey is not easy, but it is worth so much more than the short-term sacrifices we make now. The reward in heaven, to be told “well done, good and faithful servant,” is worth all the small sacrifices we make here on earth.