…because, in the night, my newest nephew was born.

Pictures are supposed to come via email later. (Note to the happy Grandma: send me pictures! Paaaahhhhhleeeeeeeeeeeease!) I don’t know how to share the picture on my phone. (Dratted technical ignorance!)

His name is Gabriel Logan, and he weighed in at 7 pounds, 8 ounces, and was 18.5 inches long. I have it on good authority that he’s perfect in every way, though I plan to confirm that for myself, in person, very soon! 🙂

He was trying and trying to come out, but in the end he was taken c-section. So, as we all rejoice and pray in thanksgiving for a baby who has been so long awaited, who is such an answer to prayer, we also appreciate your prayers for Mom’s fast recovery and both parents’ peaceful transition into the adventure of parenthood.