I’m pretty sure that Lisa knows I’m not crazy, though Arwen can’t be so certain. (She loves me anyway, though.) After all, last weekend, we got ourselves some chickens!!! And, folks, I agreed to this!

If you want to hear about our new chickens from me directly–as in, me talking–head on over to this week’s Faith & Family Live Cast.


But, of course, you’re getting a rundown here, too. ๐Ÿ™‚ How could I not write about our new chickens?

After all, with this, I follow in the footsteps of one of my favorite people.

(My husband accused me of wanting chickens just so I could be like her. He was joking…sort of.)


So, without further ado…meet our chickens.


There are six of them, purchased last weekend from our local TSC. My husband’s been wanting to get chickens and we had planned this. We’re ordering more from a local feed store–these are the “testers.”

“If the girls love them to death,” he said, “No big deal.”


Poppa Gene, carpenter extraordinaire, is building us a chicken coop. Right now, to keep them safe from the cats and the dog and the myriad of other critters who would do them harm–oh, and to keep them warm–they’re living on the porch.


Best thing about them, so far?

They eat wasps!

(I have a long history with wasps. Those poor folks on Twitter know all about it, though I’ve posted rants in the past, too.)


And, for the stats: five of them are girls, one is…we’re not sure (in an unsexed run). We have two Rhode Island reds, one that will be white (we failed to note the breed), two Australorps, and one Bantam (that’s the one that might be a rooster).

They’re not named yet. This is…shocking to me. My girls name their play horses with a relish that I didn’t think could be tamed.

Maybe they’re just cooking up some REALLY GOOD names.

Or…maybe we should have a naming contest here. Hmmmmmmm…

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