In the spirit of “this is my blog and I shall share the things I want to find again,” I hereby present my two favorite commercials, the ones that, when they come on TV during our regularly scheduled football programming, have him rewinding and replaying of his own accord.

I kid you not.

Thanks to the modern wonder of YouTube, we can enjoy them all. the. time. (Not that we do. Nooooooooo. Not usssssssssss…)

First, this one:

[youtube_sc url=””]

It was just another amusing commercial until the end, when he lights up the house and she says, “You know what this puts me in the mood for…”

We don’t (yet) light our house up like that. (Come to find out, my 9yo and my husband have Big Plans. And I leave them to it. I shall stay inside and watch my all-time favorite movie.)

But we DO watch that movie. With the same enthusiasm.

And I am pregnant. (Very.)

And he would do any and all of that (except the matching Christmas stuff, though maybe he would, but *I* will *NOT*).

Now, my other favorite:

[youtube_sc url=””]

I’m pretty sure those were some wet eyes he had, and I know I had a little mist in mine.

I mean, how can you NOT, especially if you’ve ever been that guy? (Or girl.)

Now, I’m admittedly at a disadvantage with TV-watching…I don’t really do it. Usually, I catch these things while I’m working or reading and he’s watching football or what I dub “interesting programming” (it’s a gift he has).

So, that said, feel free to chime in with YOUR favorite current commercials…