Is it just me, or are there many ways you can pull a play on words with so many of the mysteries of the rosary?

On the one hand, at any given time, I could probably “crown” someone…

…and then here’s this lovely little mystery, which can only make me think of princesses as my five-year-old fairy-horse-firefighter gallops through the house.

Melanie Bettanelli (who wrote, quite possibly, my favorite review of my own book) is our host today, so you’ll find the reflection on the mystery and the prayers at her place.

She’s also giving away a copy of the book, so leave her a comment.

And with that, I’m outta here. Not to crown anyone, but to tinker away on another project while the boy sleeps. (He wouldn’t nap last week. I’m taking all I can get this week.)

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