I’m feeling a little punchy today, and there’s a temptation to do a play on words with this one…but I’m going to save the cleverness for a guest post later today and just give you the facts.

Today’s host on the blog tour is none other than Jen Steed from Happy Little Homemaker.

Jen shares the prayers and her review, and there’s a promise of a giveaway sometime soon, too.

Speaking of giveaways, there are a pile of them going on!

* Pictured: Mother’s Rosary with Birthstone Accents from Trendy Traditions. Wouldn’t it make a grand gift for the mom in your life?

**And no, I’m not in conjunction with anyone with all this promotion I’m doing of Trendy Traditions. I love the TT rosaries I have, and since I’m shamelessly using their photos, I thought I could at least promote their products. 🙂