…the man holding the camera, who needs to wait a minute, until we are done making the rest of our princess flower jewelry.

…the man we dressed up for, of course!

…the man she wants to marry (which is what we were dressing up in flowers for, of course).

…the man she wants to dance with.

…the man who inspires us to pick flowers, carry them around, call ourselves princesses, and get married (because if you have a guy like Daddy, you won’t go wrong).

…the only man (aside from Poppa, of course) who can come in our Leaf House Castle.

…the best conversationalist to invite for tea.

…the strong arms – in Mass, outside, before bed – that give us the reality for Abba on Father’s Day.

Thanks, Prince Charming, for giving me a host of reasons to see all the joy in Father’s Day.