In the midst of rushing to get up, you may forget something important when you finally stumble into the shower (like rinsing out the conditioner).

You may not GET your shower, which may be a problem when the people around you smell you coming (due to three or four days of whack-a-mole).

You will feel guilt for failing in your monthly resolution.

You will not get lunches packed, which gets expensive and disgusting (read: McDonald’s for lunch).

It’s possible you’ll try to leave the house without your shoes (because your slippers are so fabulous and much more comfortable than real shoes anyway), leading to strange looks from the people who smelled you a mile off.

Poor Hubby won’t get a note, and he’ll be leaving the house empty-handed, adding to your guilt.

Darling daughter will be the one to wake you up. Her screeching “HI MOMMY!” will not only stop your heart for two full minutes, it will leave you with a permanent mark on your head from where you bonked it on the headboard. You’ll have a headache for most of the day.

What kind of Lenten sacrifice is sleeping in? Your soul is in serious danger, lady, and you’d better straighten up right away!

You will post a strange hodgepodge about the dangers of whack-a-moling the alarm clock, knowing that (a) it will not stop you from doing it first thing tomorrow and (b) no one’s going to feel sorry for you.

First trimester pregnancy is no reason to abuse an innocent alarm clock. The clock might well revolt and start whacking you if you’re not careful!

Due to getting up later than you should, the entire household will be at least X minutes off for the entire day. This is not good for Hubby, when he saunters into work, sounding like a seventh-grader when he says “My wife didn’t get me up in time.” (The man could have four alarm clocks going off. It takes a real person to shake him and say, “GET UP, dear.”)

You won’t have time to blog – to read or to write. Therefore, you won’t know what’s going on in the blogosphere. Get yourself moving, missy! This is a serious offense!