First things first…

  • Must drink coffee.
  • Must pay bills.
  • Must drink more coffee.
  • Must deal with baby.
  • Must deal with three-year-old.
  • Must drink coffee.
  • Must do laundry (thanks to a strange streak of bed-wetting, which has me wondering, not all that idly, what I will do when it’s a hotel bed, or a kind friend’s bed, that she’s wetting…).
  • Must read some blogs to ease the tension.
  • Must shower. (This is not optional.)
  • Must get ready for best good friend buddy who is coming over, and though this seems counter-intuitive on the day we are departing, it is actually very wise of her, because she will take my mind OFF of the picking-up, crazy-running-around, listing-of-things-I-don’t-want-to-forget, mindless-computer-escapism that is likely to take over right before the Big Adventure takes place.
  • Must do Poetry Friday post. (Guess you can see, if you compare these two lists, where my priorities are!)

And on the back burner…

  • Taking the laundry off the line. (Maybe it will be there when I get back. Maybe not. Maybe that will be a little mystery we’ll solve later…)
  • Dealing with Termite Battle of 2008. (Note to Honey: have fun.)
  • Drying the dishes and/or doing the dishes created today. (Sometimes, you just have to let go of the things around here that won’t stop accumulating!)
  • Did I mention picking this place up? Oh, I didn’t?