We took the day off today, so I’m sitting here at a ridiculously late hour to be still in my jammies on a Monday morning, and I’m rather basking. I’m also savoring the taste of having heard the percussion of thumps down the stairs, and having eavesdropped from my comfortable spot on my pillow on Daddy and Little Bear watching TV and then getting breakfast ready. When the little one came in to get me (while Daddy wasn’t looking), she was all sunshine and “I wanna hug the baby” (my favorite). So after snuggling my tummy, kissing it twice, and assuring me that she loves her sister, I finally crawled out of bed and joined the crowd of two.

Our plans today include finishing up the homemade jelly at Nanny’s house, buying supplies for the Great Week of Home Remodeling (Hubby’s off all week to work on the upstairs), and perhaps, just maybe, a date afternoon for the two of us.

So I must get myself onto HomeDepot.com to see if I can pick out a paint color online (hoping, hoping) and then get myself rolling. In slow motion, of course. Because it’s a day off.