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FOR TODAY, July 28, 2008…

Outside My Window…it’s overcast and grumbly, promising storms.

I am thinking…of the correlation between teething babies and tired mamas; of what’s on the master to-do list today and this week; of what a wonderful weekend we had; of how I need to buckle down on a few things; of 1000 other things…

I am thankful for…the first good night of sleep in a week!

From the kitchen…comes the smell of coffee and the sound of nursing baby as the house (and I) await the triumphant entrance of She Who Won’t Sleep Much Longer.

I am wearing…tank top and shorts (still in my jammies).

I am creating…a master plan in my head of how this week will go (not that it will work out that way) and reviews of two books I finished.

I am going…to work from home this morning, in an experiment of interesting proportions. We’ll see if Monday is calmer starting at home, or if I pay the piper twice as much when I get in the office…

I am reading…Firestorm of Dragons, edited by Michele Acker & Kirk Dougal. I was reading it last week too, but I put it down right after Heaven’s Song came.

I am hoping…to get a lot done this morning and have a peaceful day. Impossible combination? We’ll see!

I am hearing…happy baby sounds from my lap.

Around the house…there is still the early morning hush (even though it’s not that early!).

One of my favorite things…is the feel of soft baby hair against the inside of my elbow as she nurses as she makes contented sounds, gets distracted by…everything…and then gets angry when I “pack up” (how dare I consider her done?). As frustrating as it can be, I know that soft hair will be running in the other direction all too soon, no longer captive against me or intrigued by the world of my lap.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Write some book reviews, post about the last two Catholic Carnivals, jumpy-jump with the three-year-old (my popularity is going to be fading fast, so I’d better enjoy those invitations to jumpy-jump while they last!), do dishes and laundry, and, oh yeah, do some work for the parish 🙂

A picture thought I am sharing:

The sweet corn tasseled last week