I don’t often do this “live-blogging” thing anymore, do I? In the age of “things can be scheduled” and “building a platform is better if you want to market yourself,” writing daybooks on a whim is…well, it’s probably not encouraged.

Probably a good thing I don’t really care. 🙂

Outside my window: Snow in great white piles. And, from what I hear, ice. In slick spots all over the roads (thus cancelling school, yipppeeeeeeee).

Around the house: Daniel Tiger for the puke-happy boy, carrots and ranch for the helpful 7yo princess, and DIY crafting videos for the 10yo who may or may not be obsessively washing her hands every ten minutes.

What I’ve been writing: Book reviews and reflections on Lent and reflections on how I pray all too often. I’ve also been writing some marketing copy and promotion plans, which is a different sort of pace.

In my kitchen: There’s a dishwasher filled with clean dishes, a pile of clutter on the bar (again!), and trash that needs to be taken out.

In my thoughts: I’ve been reflecting on life a lot lately, in part because I’m bursting with it, and in part because spring does that to me. Or the hope of spring (it has to be coming soon, right? It’s March!!!)

In my plans: A host of work projects and maybe something fun with the girls, since school was cancelled but the boy is (still! day 3!) puke-ish.

In thanksgiving: For my mother-in-law, who showed up yesterday and dug me out of Mount Laundryest. She folded something like 500 baskets of laundry while I worked away and the boy moped around. (I thought he was on the mend.)

In my prayers: A special intention that is close to my heart.

Nose inserted: Firmly in Randy Hain’s upcoming book,

A favorite thing: Hot oatmeal with fresh bananas. And coffee, which I can’t wait to want to drink again. 🙂

Food for thought:

The patient and humble endurance of the cross - drexel