Outside my window
It’s dark, and the weather promises to be cold. (By cold I don’t mean “sweater weather” – I mean “possible snow-and-mixed-rain” cold and “how much wood can fit in the stove and how many blankets can I pile on as I go about my work” cold.)
In my thoughts
The quiet of yesterday (in which I took a day of rest from the computer)
The work of yesterday (in which the furnace presented the facts of the matter, and the wood stove (once again) saved the day)
The laughter of yesterday (in which two cousins came over)
The week ahead (including my walking goals, my dinner goals, and a couple of good books)
In thanksgiving
For the beauty of fall and the rhythm we’re (finally!) establishing
Kitchen meanderings
I’ve been meaning to take Jen’s advice for, oh, a few weeks now. This week, I finally did it. I printed out a dinner plan and it’s on the fridge. Whether it works out perfectly or not doesn’t matter (that sentence is for me, not for you)…what matters is the steps in the right direction. (Right? Right? Tell me I’m moving in the right direction here!)
On my body
Jammy pants, warm slippers (and socks!), and a zip-up sweater over a t-shirt (because I was warm under all those blankets, but now that I’m not under a bunch of blankets, I’m not so warm anymore!)
Using my creative powers
There’s a Catholic Carnival coming here this week! (And you have until 10 PM EST tonight (or whenever you get it to me) to submit, via email (peerybingle at gmail dot com) or online form.) This week, I’m also going to start a list of Christmas presents – it has to be a “low-money” year, but I want to be thoughtful and nice with gifts. My brain is wrapping itself around that…
Going places
Just the usual places this week – work, home, Nanny’s (always Nanny’s!).
Nose inserted
Charlotte Mason’s first volume (I’m within pages of being finished, but just couldn’t make it through last night – and so, the other delightful aspect of this week is choosing which book from the stack gets to take this one’s place – will it be the second volume or something else?) and Mouth Wide Open
Around the house
The wood stove is doing its work well, but the house still feels like it’s nighttime. There’s a hush, and if not for all the lights and the lingering smell of Prince Charming’s aftershave, I would think it was still night. (If I dwell on this too long, I’ll be packing up and headed back upstairs to bed!)
Movin’ and shakin’
I bought my step counter three weeks ago. The week it arrived, I was all set to keep track of my steps every day and, in fact, that was the week I debuted this exercise block into my daybook. Then I lost it. Then my amazing sister-in-law found it. So I restarted the whole recording-of-steps process last week. In the interest of reporting to someone (this is why Weight Watchers works, this being-accountable-to-someone thing), my average is 7245 steps a day. My goal for this week, then, will be to increase my average by 10%, which is 7969.5 (that half a step may be critical). My initial idea is to take stock of where I’m at in the dinner-is-prepped point in my evening and go walking, to the barn and back repeatedly if needed, with or without the kids in tow. As with the dinner thing, the important thing isn’t to be perfect. The important thing is to take a step forward. (That whole cheerleader thing, that’s for me. Maybe, having typed it, I’m also imprinting it with one of those persistent voices in my head and I’ll hear it enough throughout the week that I’ll believe it then.)
A favorite thing
The not-so-new-but-oh-so-perfect scheduler feature in Blogger, whereby you can type up four posts on a Saturday night and schedule them and then not scramble to find blogging time in the midst of your crazy week. (Not every post is written that way, mind you, but lately, more and more of them are. And I’m a better person for it!)
Worth a thousand words